Metal Fabrication

Since the founding days of Hitzer; Hitzer's roots are in Blacksmithing, Metal Fabrication, and Welding.  Today Hitzer still has a deep knowledge base and a vase array of metal fabrication services offered to the region. With an experience team and the latest metal technology Hitzer can fill your custom or production metal working needs.  Driven by CNC Laser cutting, Press break bending, sheet metal sheering, and multiple mig & tig welders.  Hitzer has all of your metal needs covered.  Hitzer also has a full staff painting booth and a shipping and receiving department to handle the project from design to shipment.

With expertise in agriculture, livestock gating, home and commercial heating, furniture manufacturing, pressure washers, wagons, and trailers; Hitzer can help design, and fabricate most any product. It can be custom fabrication, production fabrication, or even metal art Hitzer is here to help.  Hitzer has the knowledge and the equipment to handle your metal working needs.  Contact us today!

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