Gas Fireplaces & Inserts

Whether your building a new house, adding on a room addition, or simply want to add a fireplace to your existing space, we can can provide the right unit for you. We have builtin in units, fireplace inserts, and free standing gas stoves. We have both modern and traditional styles to go along with whatever your home decor is. We carry a full line of direct vent units.

How Direct Vent Fireplaces Work

Direct Vent is unique in that there is no exchange of room air and outside air. It is a sealed combustion process, 1 pipe is bringing in fresh air for combustion while the other pipe is exhausting the burnt gases. That all takes place behind a sealed glass. This provides high efficiencies, no cold air entering the house, no heated warm air up the chimney, no unpleasant odors into the house, and no soot. 

Turn your inefficient open wood fireplace into a heating appliance with the look of a wood fire with a gas fireplace insert

Fireplace Insert Benefits

A major benefit is there are no irritating ashes to contend with. The look from burning logs, while pleasant smelling, can be a hassle and time consuming. Buit in blowers and thermostat, an insert will provide an excellent heat source and easy control. Additional benefits include the option of installing a host of accessories with your gas unit. Accessories, with your unit, can enhance your home’s beauty in meaningful ways. Read more.

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